SWIFT®UltraSlide® System


  • Carbon fibres reduce static build-up
  • Special, stretch Ultra-Knit construction provides a smooth surface and accommodates a wide range of mattress sizes
  • Durable, 100%, synthetic fibre ensures quick drying and longetivity
  • Proper use should significantly reduce the risk of neck, shoulder and back injuries caused by repositioning
  • Breathable taffeta backing avoids heat build up under users
  • The Swift system can be washed alongside other bed linen
  • Reusable
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The SWIFT®UltraSlide® System has been developed to replace manual repositioning.  This exposes caregivers to increased risk of neck, shoulder, and back injuries.  Ultraslide is a cost-effective, low-friction repositioning system.  It is intended to aid caregivers to safely and easily perform handling tasks with little physical strain.

The Ultraslide Sytem

The Ultraslide System has a bottom Sheet that is designed using the patented Smart Sheet and has a low-friction panel down the centre. The system can be used:

  • On its own, for patients who are nearly independent with bed mobility.
  • Together with Swift Slider, for use with more dependent, heavier patients who have little or no mobility.  Also for patients that require extensive or total assistance for repositioning in bed.  This system is not ideal for restless, agitated patients.
  • Together with the Swift Soaker Pad, best option for restless and agitated patients

Swift Slider

The Swift® Slider is a friction reducing device that remains in-situ to assist with patient/resident repositioning.  It also helps with  boosting and turning in bed.  The slider allows staff to reposition patients or residents safely and easily whilst avoiding heat build up under them.  The Swift Slider is made with a breathable, low-friction backing.

Suitable for use in Hospitals, Care Homes, Residential Homes or Private Use at Home and used for:

Bariatric Application,
Pressure Injury Prevention

Swift UltraSlide System (Swift® Slider + UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet)

The Swift® UltraSlide® System uses the UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet in conjunction with the Swift® Slider for use with more dependent patients/residents.  Those who have little or no mobility and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning will benefit from this system. The UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet is made using the patented Smart Sheet design with an integrated low friction panel down the centre.

It can be used in:

  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Residential Homes
  • Private Use at Home

Key Benefits

  • Increase compliance, improve patient comfort
  • Works with pressure redistribution mattresses
  • More time for care activities

This document gives you an overview of the ultraslide system

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