Polycotton V-Shaped Support Pillow by Comfortnights

£10.50 +VAT

  • Filling: 100% hollowfibre
  • Breathable Air Pass Fabric (Reduces Sweating)
  • Alleviates Aches & Pains, Assisting with Comfortable Positions
  • Helps to prevent aches and strains
  • Non- Allergenic, supplied with a free White Polycotton cover.


Our V Support Pillows have been designed to provide you with excellent support, stability, and most importantly comfort. These pillows provide a comfortable sitting/lying position and assist with relief form discomforts, supporting your back while keeping your spine in alignment which reduces the pressure points and increases the body’s ability to relax completely. Not to be compared with cheaper pillows. With medium support, this plush pillow will keep your shoulders supported through the night and is ideal for back sleepers.
For added convenience, this V shaped pillow is non-allergenic making it ideal for those that suffer from asthma or allergies whilst the easy clean properties mean you can keep it wonderfully fresh and clean with ease.
Our V Pillow can be used for a multiple of purposes, like a breast feeding, a general maternity pillow, or Orthopaedic uses.

Generously Filled, Evenly Distributed & Carefully Stitched (UK Made Item) Material: Polyester Cotton Blended
Filling:100% Anti- Allergy Hollow fibre
Washing Instructions: Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Iron