Kylie 4 Waterproof Bed Set – Pink – Double Bed Size


  • Kylie bed pads are reusable and washable at 90°C, they all have tuck in flaps
  • Bed pad Size 4, 139 x 90cms tucks additional 50cms each side, Absorbency 4 litre, colour Pink
  • The Mattress protector has a 100% brushed cotton upper in white, with a Waterproof and breathable polyurethane backing.
  • Protects against dust mites, allergens and bacteria,
  • Machine washable at 60°C (Dust mites are killed at 57ºC),
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Designed to support continence care


Kylie bed protection products offer maximum protection, absorbency and reliability in the most discreet way. The stay-dry surface of the bed pad wicks away the moisture for user-comfort and has a waterproof backing to protect the bed. The Kylie bed pad range is washable and offers the user a comfortable and secure solution to domestic continence care. For extra peace of mind Pop, the waterproof cover over your mattress just like a fitted sheet for effective and discreet protection all year round. A must for anyone who’s prone to night-time accidents, and great, too, for allergy sufferers, it makes sure your mattress stays hygienically clean and fresh for years to come. The top of the mattress protector is made in luxuriously soft brushed cotton that feels fantastic against the skin. It is backed by a waterproof polyurethane coating that’s impervious to all sorts of night time nasties yet is completely breathable so you won’t overheat. It can be popped in the washing machine whenever required and you can even dry it in a tumble dryer on low heat. 32 cms (12.5 inches) depth of the skirt fits even the deepest mattress.

Package contains:

1 x Kylie 4 bed pad Pink

1 x Comfortcare brushed cotton mattress waterproof protector white – Double