Comfortnights Surgical Ring Cushion


  • Latex foam ring
  • Offers comfort when sitting
  • Flame retardant
  • Bacteria-static
  • Can be steam sterilised
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This is our Comfortnights foam moulded donut style pressure relieving ring cushion. It is unique as it softens with body heat, contouring to individual shape which promotes a more natural seating position.

Due to the design, the user is able to stay seated for longer periods of time. The “cut out” design alleviates pressure and discomfort from the affected area. This allows you to concentrate on recovery rather than pain.

Post Natal recovery will be less traumatic with one of the fundamental necessities taken care of.  After all you need to sit comfortably to care for and nurse your new baby.

Our foam donut comfort cushion is ideal if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, or a delicate condition making contact with any seating surface painful.

Post operatively, this cushion is used extensively as a means to speed up recovery. It alleviates anxiety associated with perceived pain. It can be used later as a means to add comfort to many seating surfaces.

The foam comfort donut ring is hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant.

The Comfortnights Surgical Ring Cushion can be supplied without a cover, or with the following washable polycotton cover:






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