Comfortnights Self-Opening Long Loop Scissors – 75 mm pointed blades


* Fitted with a discreet spring which re-opens the scissors after every cut.

* Long Loop Handle which provides superb control of cutting action using middle, ring and little finger for strength, whilst using the index finger for guidance.

* Wide finger contact area which ensures a comfortable grip can be maintained throughout use.

* Colour codes handles to easily identify the correct pair to use, Blue for Right Hand and Green for Left Hand.

* High quality stainless steel blade provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease.

* Blade guard fits over the blades to provide safe storage.

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Our Comfortnights Self-Opening Long Loop Scissors – 75mm pointed blade, are designed with an extended loop to give increased strength and control over the cutting action. With the added benefit of a discreet spring which automatically re-opens the scissors, allowing the user to concentrate on manipulating the paper and directing the cut.

The OT Recommends these for:

Weak grip and strength

Poor motor control

Training placement of the thumb while continuing to provide the benefit of a long loop handle

Introducing the skill of opening and closing scissors

Those who are able to open and close the scissors but become confused regarding finger placement in regular scissors.

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Adult, Child


Left, Right