Comfortnights Bed Wedge

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  • 2-1 design allows a gentle reclining angle for those with a respiratory condition or certain heart conditions
  • Can also be used to raise the feet to relieve swollen ankles, tired feet or aching legs associated with varicose veins
  • Supplied with either a washable quilted polycotton or fleece cover
  • Availale in 2 sizes with choice of an washable fleece cover or a washable quilted cover.
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Getting off to sleep and staying asleep can be a struggle if you are suffering with reflux, indigestion or breathing and or respiration related conditions. Put away the piled-up pillows and do away with the uncomfortable slumped sleeping position. This Wedge is designed to consistently elevate and support the upper body whilst in bed. A simple device designed to allow gravity to help the body stabilise so that you can get to sleep.

The wedge will sit nicely underneath a pillow (if you desire for added comfort) and won’t interfere with your partners sleeping space, if sharing a bed. With reflux and heartburn, the wedge helps to keep rising, bubbling stomach acids and food down. With respiratory illnesses, the elevation helps to drain sinuses and keep airways open. With blood pressure, the elevated position helps the body maintain blood pressure, whilst it dips during sleep. An elevated sleeping position can also provide relief from the symptoms of Acid Reflux and Heartburn, as well as conditions such as: Gird, Coughs, Colds, Flu symptoms, Respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Sinusitis, Pneumonia, Sleep Apnea, Blood pressure conditions.

It is manufactured to exhausting standards from medical grade foam and should provide functionality and value to improve the quality of life and to promote independence for the individuals that use our products.

Dimensions: Large wedge 61 x 61x 25 cms (24 x 24x 10 inches).  Small wedge 51 x 46 x 28 cms (20 x 18 x 11 inches)

Both sizes are supplied with a choice of washable quilted cover or a washable fleece cover.


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Large Wedge with Fleece cover, Large Wedge with Quilted cover, Small Wedge with Fleece cover, Small Wedge with Quilted cover