Anti Allergy – Water Resistant Pillow Protector

£1.20 +VAT

  • Anti Allergenic
  • Zipped for ease of use
  • Water resistant
  • Fits under your own pillow case.


Smooth and comfortable to sleep on it fits neatly over your pillow as conventional bedding would and is zipped for ease of use. If you or members of your family suffer from asthma, allergenic rhinitis, eczema, sneezing, itchy eyes or skin allergies, the HOUSE DUST MITE may be the major cause of your problem. They produce harmful particles, which trigger allergic reactions in approximately one-quarter of the British population. Experts agree that the best way to avoid HOUSE DUST MITES in your bedding, is to create a barrier between you and them our water Anti-Allergy Pillow Protectors do just this.

Sold as a pair